BBS Maker Bar Bending Schedule App

Bar Bending Schedule Maker
BBS app for easy bar bending schedule for site civil engineers

With BBS Maker you can prepare Bar Bending Schedule easily, all you need to do is draw your bar and enter some basic details and let the app do the work for you.

The Bar Bending Schedule App is available for Android devices, making it easily accessible for most engineers.

BBS App Google Play Link: Click here to download

Bbs Maker Tutorial

In this article we are going to learn how to use bbs app to make your bar bending schedules.

Main BBS App Interface

BBS app Main Interface

When you first open the BBS app you will see three different sections, few buttons on the top, a few buttons on the right and a large blank portion. The top button bar is known as Top Tool Bar we will use this when editing your drawing or your bbs, button bar on the right is known as Right Action Bar, we will use these to make bbs, and the large blank section is where you will draw your rebars, its known as the Drawing Canvas

Right Action Bar

There are four buttons on the right action bar lets see what they are and how to use them

Add Rebar

Add button is the first button you will use after you have drawn your rebar on the canvas, Add Rebar button does exactly what the name suggest it adds the bar to your bbs, when you draw anything on the canvas you will notice that Add rebar button starts to blink, because that’s what you need to do. After you draw your bar you need to add it to your bbs.

Generate BBS

Generate BBS is the second button you will press after you add your bar. This is how you create your bbs on the BBS maker app. When you click this button the app takes all your added bars and create a bbs out of it. So for this to work you need to add at least one bar first.

Remove Bar

As the name suggest if you want to remove a bar you will use this button, if there’s a mistake in one of your added bar you will select that bar using the next or previous buttons form the top tool bar and once the bar you want to remove is on the canvas you press the Remove bar button to remove it from the bbs.

Saved BBS

This is the simplest one of them all, if you have saved your bbs for the future, they will appear in the saved section, just press this button to go to the Saved bbs screen where you can browse all your saved bbs.

Top Tool Bar

There are seven buttons on the top tool bar lets learn what they are and how to use them.

Lock Canvas

First button on the far left is the Lock Canvas button, when you press this button you won’t be able to draw on the main canvas and all the other buttons in the top tool bar and right action bar will be disabled (except for unlock button). You will use this when you don’t want anyone to accidentally draw or press any buttons.

Unlock Canvas

Unlock button does what the name suggest it unlocks the drawing canvas and enables all the buttons on the right action bar and top tool bar.

Clear Canvas

Clear Canvas removes the currently drawn rebar from the drawing canvas, when you draw a bar on the canvas you will notice two buttons starts to blink, add button and clear canvas button. Its because there are the two things you can do once you draw a bar, either add that bar to the bbs or clear the canvas and restart drawing. You clear you canvas through the Clear Canvas button

Undo Drawing

Process of Drawing rebar on the BBS app is as follows, you touch the canvas and drag you finger across to draw a line, then you lift you finger and touch anywhere else on the canvas, another line is drawn to the point you touched from the end point of the previous line, if you accidentally drew a wrong line segment and want to undo it instead to clearing the canvas and draw the whole bar from the start, you use the undo drawing button to undo the last drawn line segment

Redo Drawing

If you accidentally undo a line segment instead of drawing it agin you can just press the redo button and the line segment will be redrawn automatically

Next Bar

When editing a bar or removing a bar you need to first select it, when you have multiple bars in you bbs, you toggle forward in your bbs through the next bar button, when you press the next bar button the bar next in your bbs will be selected and shown on your drawing canvas, this will happen until you reach the last bar on your canvas.

Previous Bar

If you want to go back in your bbs and select a previous bar you press the previous bar button. When you press the previous bar button previous bar will be selected and shown on the drawing canvas this will keep happening until you reach the first bar in your bbs

Dark/Light Mode

Last button not he main screen is the Dark/Light Mode button, this one needs no explanation, at night of in low light conditions you can toggle dark mode this will cause less strain on your eyes and in daylight or well light room you can use Light mode with this you will be able to see clearly in daylight conditions.

The Bar Bending Schedule App is available for Android devices, making it easily accessible for most engineers.

BBS App Google Play Link: Click here to download