How to Get a Job as a Fresher Civil Engineer

Let me start by saying “YES” Getting a job in Dubai as a fresher Civil Engineer is possible, and in this article, I will share three effective ways to achieve this goal.

1. (Highly Recommended) Networking

This is the most effective method to secure a job in Dubai or any other location. If you know someone who knows someone you will always win. Now many of you will say “But I am a fresher, I don’t know anyone” to which I would say Join Professional Groups, Use Social Media. Making connections through social media, professional groups, and LinkedIn is crucial. In India we have Institution of Engineers, become its member and you will meet various senior engineers from across the country. Engineers often overlook the importance of networking, but it is the easiest and surest way to get hired. I recommend investing 80% of your effort in networking and 20% in the remaining two methods.

2. (Less Recommended)Sending Resumes to different Companies

Every Company has a website and every website has a “career” tab. You can directly post your resume to various construction company through their websites. However, this method is less recommended as the job openings posted on these websites are usually for experienced engineers and not for freshers.

3. (Least Recommended) Job Websites

You can also search for job openings on various job websites available on the internet. However, be cautious as these websites have poor moderation, and scammers often impersonate legitimate companies. I do not recommend using these websites as they can be risky, but I mention them for the sake of awareness.

In the end it’s simply a game of Demand and Supply I know you have a degree but guess what so do millions of others, what should separates you from other is Skills.A degree doesn’t make you EMPLOYABLE but skills do. Skills are always in high demand.

If you are going to work in construction you should better know the basics of Estimation and Surveying,I strongly recommend you to go and read this article:  How to prepare bar bending Schedule 

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In conclusion, If you forgot everything you read just remember two key things from this article: Networking and Skills. 

With the right connections and the right set of skills, you can secure a job anywhere, anytime.