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Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Maker

With BBS maker you can prepare your bar bending schedules by just drawing the shape of the rebar and letting the app do the rest for you. With over 100K+ users from 160 different countries and 4.3 Star rating BBS app is the top choice of Civil Engineers worldwide. Available for Android and iPhone

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Total Station

Total Station Tutor

You don’t need a Total Station to learn how to use it, Total Station is the most important land surveying instrument, 200K+ students have already learned to use Total Station through the total station tutor app. Available on both IOS and Android

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Learn AutoLevel

Want to learn AutoLevel just use our AutoLevel Simulator, 300K+ students trust AutoLevel in over 160+ countries. Available on both iOS and Android

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ColorChanigng Camera

Colour Changing Camera

Change Colour live on your camera screen and preview changed colours even before you take a picture. Colour changing camera is trusted by 500K+ (Over half a million) users worldwide. It is available on both Android and iOS


Maze Puzzle Game

A fun Maze game, just drag the red dot across the maze to the exit, do this in 60 seconds or less to complete the levels. Available on both Android and IOS

Civil Engineering – BLOG

  • How to do excavation in Construction
    Excavation work basically contains excavating earth and getting out. What this means is that you have to take the soil out and throw it at a distance far away. In Site Engineering you have to remove excess earth from your construction site before you can do anything, You have to dig to get to the … Read more
  • Construction Site Clearance and How to do it?
    Ok let us learn the basics of Site engineering, the first thing we are going to learn in this is Site Clearance. It goes without saying that before we start construction we need to clear our sites , but the question arises “What are we clearing on our site?“. The answer is : anything and … Read more
  • BBS Maker Bar Bending Schedule App
    With BBS Maker you can prepare Bar Bending Schedule easily, all you need to do is draw your bar and enter some basic details and let the app do the work for you. The Bar Bending Schedule App is available for Android devices, making it easily accessible for most engineers. BBS App Google Play Link: Click … Read more
  • What is a Total Station?
    Total stations are advanced surveying instruments that combine electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology, angle measurement, and data processing capabilities. They are widely used in the construction industry, civil engineering projects, and land surveying to determine distances, elevations, and angles with high accuracy. If you want to learn Total Station, I highly recommend you download Total … Read more
  • Surveying Instruments Civil Engineering
    Civil engineering surveying instruments are essential tools used by civil engineers, surveyors, and construction professionals for accurately measuring and mapping various land features. These instruments are crucial for a successful construction project, as they provide the data necessary for designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings, roads, bridges, pipelines, and other infrastructure. These are different types of … Read more

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“Wow never expect to find this kind of survey app I was looking for ever since am learning TS. It has every combine buttons needed for a learner to know. Great I simply recommend it to everyone, it’s good app.”

— Aliyu Muhammad, Google Play Store

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“Brilliant App”

— Craig Cooper